Francisco Sobrino

Transformation Instable, 1971-2013
Transformation Instable, 1971-2013
Mirror polished steel
H 236 x 71 x71 inches
Unique artwork

Born in 1932 in Guadalajara, Spain
died in 2014 in Bernay, France

Since the early 1960s, Sobrino has used both smoked transparent and coloured Plexiglas to create his works. The superposition and juxtaposition of simple geometric forms gives birth to complex compositions, creating a playful dialogue between the space and the light, which can be appreciated as the viewer moves around the artwork. In 1963, the artist decided to create geometric modules using a material that would allow these to be exhibited out of doors.

This new series in mirror polished steel is entitled Permutational Structures. The reflective surfaces of the work allow it to be fully integrated into its surrounding environment.